What are our core values?

Funding Change is guided by these core values…

  • Asking for money is only one small part of fundraising – and it’s not the first or most important part.
  • At its core, fundraising is about building relationships. Donors are more important than dollars.
  • Closer relationships can mean more loyal donors and increased support. But, relationship building cannot be seen as a strategy for raising money. It has value of its own.
  • Fundraising relates to every part of your organization, and every part of your organization affects your fundraising.
  • The best fundraising programs raise money from many different sources with many different people working to raise it.
  • Money should not drive an organization’s work or its strategy.
  • Fundraising must be integrated into all program work and organizational activities as much as possible. It is not separate work and should not be seen as such.
  • All people who benefit from your work, regardless of income level, should be invited to contribute financially to its success.
  • Community organizing and fundraising are two sides of the same coin. Both are linked to building a movement for social change.
  • Fundraising is political – where you get your funding influences the kind of work you can do.
  • Anyone can develop the skills to be a fundraiser.