Fundraising Resources

I love spreading the word about my favorite resources. I know we all have precious little time so I’ve been very selective about what I’ve included. And, many great publications are not listed.

Everything below has been endlessly helpful to me in my work. All of these resources will make you a better fundraiser, I promise.

The links are to Amazon but I’m sure your local bookstore can order them for you. Enjoy!

Blogs & e-Newsletters

  • Tom Ahern’s e-newsletter will forever change the way you communicate with your donors. Go subscribe right now! I’m serious…the link will open in a new window. Go subscribe then come back over here and see the rest of the list.
  • Jeff Brooks’s quick daily blog – Future Fundraising Now – will get your fundraising day started on the right foot.
  • The Agitator’s daily blog will keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest fundraising trends and research, with an attitude. They require a fee to subscribe but you decide how much or how little you pay, from $25-$100/year.

Books & Magazines

  • Building Donor Loyalty by Adrian Sargeant and Elaine Jay isn’t a quick read but is a must read for anyone serious about individual donor fundraising.
  • A subscription to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal is well worth your money. Not only is each issue packed with practical advice, a subscription now includes free access to their huge online archive of more than 250 past articles. It’s a steal at $39-56, depending on your budget size. Just the old stuff I download makes the subscription worth it.
  • Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications and Stronger Relationships, by Simone Joyaux and Tom Ahern.  Along with their own expertise and insights, much of the best of other publications on donor loyalty and donor communications is digested and included here. This is the most expensive book on the list ($44 on Amazon) but it’s also one of the meatiest. Put it on your next wish list if you can’t afford to buy it for yourself.


  • is an absolute treasure trove of examples of successful fundraising. Prepare to be inspired (and maybe a bit overwhelmed). The best part — it’s all free.
  • Simone Joyaux’s Resource Library is a free service available through her website. It’s packed with invaluable fact sheets, sample policies, template job descriptions…you name it.