The Art of Donor Relations

Donor relations – all the communications you have with supporters between “asks” – is the most overlooked piece of fundraising. It also happens to be the most important.

The core of fundraising is not about raising money. It’s about building relationships.

  • How are you keeping in touch with your donors between solicitations?
  • Do your supporters know how important they are to your work?
  • Do they know what you accomplished because of their support?
  • Do your donors feel connected to the organization? (Hint: 60% of donors stop giving because they don’t feel that connection.)

Funding Change will work with you to see your organization through the eyes of a donor.

Together, we’ll boost the satisfaction, commitment, and trust of your supporters. And, we’ll increase the number of donors who stick with you year after year.

Your fundraising strategy will be transformed from one that’s focused on soliciting to one that’s focused on relationships. And, you’ll raise more money as a result.

Funding Change has developed many free materials on donor relations which you can find in the resources section.