Planning & Strategy

Fundraising has four steps: plan, plan, plan and work. Unfortunately, some of us are so busy working that we feel like we don’t have time to plan. But, in the long run, this only costs us more time (and money!).

Time management experts calculate that every hour we spend planning saves us five hours of work. By working with Funding Change to create a strategic development plan for your organization, you will start to win back some of your lost time.

Funding Change can help you to develop a fundraising plan that will maximize your limited resources and keep you on track year-round.

A development plan sets goals that promote growth and create ownership among the entire fundraising team. They enable the team to track progress, identify problems as they arise, and avoid crisis fundraising.

With a solid grip on the big picture, you will always know where you stand, relative to where you want to be. And, you will be able to proactively set and balance your priorities and avoid competing timelines.

One tool we’ve developed, available in the resources section of this website, is an interactive worksheet to help nonprofits create a development plan.