• Tina Cincotti and Penny

Hey there! I’m Tina Cincotti. That’s me in the photo with my girl Penny, the sweetest rescue pup and world’s best co-worker.

My clients have described me as “deeply thoughtful,” “warm but insistent,” “a lifesaver,” “a taskmaster,” “a genius,” “a magician,” and even “a pirate.” (Yup, there’s a story there.)

I’ve spent my career – 20 years and counting – in the nonprofit world. And like many people who end up in fundraising, I never thought I’d end up in fundraising.

I started Funding Change in 2008 after getting fired. (Yup, there’s also a story there!)

Before launching my consulting practice, I worked primarily for advocacy groups, women’s health organizations, and a couple of political campaigns. I also co-founded the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund in 1999, and served as their Board President.

I love what I do. I love my clients. And I love inspiring people to invest their money in creating the kind of world they want to live in. For me, that’s what fundraising is all about.

I’m a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Women In Development, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, and the Nonprofit Consultants Network. I also served on the Board of Directors for Women In Development, and co-chaired their Institute for Nonprofits from 2010-2013.

I live in Jamaica Plain, my favorite neighborhood in Boston. You’ll often find me volunteering at the dog shelter at my local MSPCA. And I hope to start a rescue organization for senior dogs in the next year or two.

Tina Cincottie development consultant boston, MA
  • “Tina, I assumed you were competent. But I didn't know you were brilliant. Your stuff is freaking great ... POWERFUL! The fundraising world NEEDS you ASAP.”

  • “Every time I get feedback from Tina, I learn a little more. Over seven years working together, I’ve improved my ability to tell our story, share our successes, and honor our clients and partners.”

  • “Tina is smart, thoughtful, writes beautifully, and has a deep understanding of how fundraising works -- especially at the grassroots level. I admire her work.”

The Fine Print:

Tina Cincotti officeI curse quite a bit… I rarely make it through a meeting without eating… I’d much rather spend time with dogs than people… Some of my days are ruled by migraines… I have a lot of tattoos… I get cranky if I miss too many days in a row at the gym… When Bruce Springsteen is touring, my schedule is designed around going to as many shows as possible… If none of this is off-putting to you, let’s talk!

617-710-3130 info@fundingchangeconsulting.com