How much more money could you raise if you stopped telling your donors the story you want to tell and started telling them the story they need to hear?

Sample Projects

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Direct Mail

Everyone’s got an opinion about direct mail. I know what works.

Donor Communications

Annual reports, newsletters, and case statements filled with the stories your donors need to hear.

Audits & Analysis

How healthy is your fundraising program? Are your donor materials any good? Let’s find out!

  • “Tina, I assumed you were competent. But I didn't know you were brilliant. Your stuff is freaking great ... POWERFUL! The fundraising world NEEDS you ASAP.”

  • “Tina, you did a masterful job on the appeal letter! Typically, we don’t raise a lot of money from our summer appeal. But yesterday, we received a $1,000 donation and today, we received a second $1,000 donation. The ‘Tina Magic’ is working! I really can’t thank you enough.”

  • “Tina is smart, thoughtful, writes beautifully, and has a deep understanding of how fundraising works -- especially at the grassroots level. I admire her work.”

  • “Tina's background in community organizing, her passion for justice, and her ability to adapt fundraising techniques to the needs of her clients are qualifications you don't find in many fundraising consultants.”

  • “Every time I get feedback from Tina, I learn a little more. Over seven years working together, I’ve improved my ability to tell our story, share our successes, and honor our clients and partners.”

  • “There's no hiding that Tina tells it like it is. Cutting to the chase, calling a spade a spade, and not mincing words holds us accountable for staying on task and reaching our goals... I very much appreciate this about her work style.”

  • “Tina helps me think about our daily activities in a different way. Applying the ‘Tina Filter’ helps me consider if there is a way to delight or steward our donors, to give them credit for our achievements, and to make them feel part of our success.”

  • “My organization has increased its budget from $275,000 in 2013 to $960,000 in 2017, almost entirely through growth in individual giving. I credit Tina with helping to make that happen.”

  • “I’m always amazed by Tina’s ability to move our team through any newsletter or appeal process with ease. From helping with the lists and brainstorming content to tweaking the design and writing with a masterful eye for fundraising, Tina has the whole process down.”

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