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All my services have one ultimate goal – to help you raise more money by putting the experience of your donors at the heart of your fundraising.

Making the Case for Support

Stop telling your donors the story you want to tell; start telling them the story they need to hear. Stop talking about the work of your organization; start talking about the hopes and dreams of your donors. That’s how you make your case for support. Are you ready?

Direct Response Campaigns

Direct mail isn’t dead. Though a lot of what I see in my mailbox does bore me to death. Don’t let that be you… Let’s create a kick-ass campaign with an offer too good to resist!

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Donor Stewardship Materials

“Thank you” letters to inspire smiles from ear to ear… Packets to welcome new supporters… Newsletters and annual reports to showcase everything your donors made possible… Survey packages to solicit feedback… And those are just the basics.

Communications Audits

Want to know if your fundraising materials are any good? After my audit, you’ll know! But be prepared, most everything I see misses the mark. But I can tell you how to fix it.

Data Analysis

Do you know how healthy your fundraising program really is? It’s not just about how many donors you have or how much money you’re raising. Let this fundraising nerd dig into your data and tell you the whole story.

Development Assessments

If you want an audit of your donor communications materials, an analysis of your fundraising data, and an evaluation of the strategy, staffing, and infrastructure of your development program, then a full assessment is what you’re looking for.

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  • “Tina, you did a masterful job on the appeal letter! Typically, we don’t raise a lot of money from our summer appeal. But yesterday, we received a $1,000 donation and today, we received a second $1,000 donation. The ‘Tina Magic’ is working! I really can’t thank you enough.”

  • “I’m always amazed by Tina’s ability to move our team through any newsletter or appeal process with ease. From helping with the lists and brainstorming content to tweaking the design and writing with a masterful eye for fundraising, Tina has the whole process down.”

  • “Tina helps me think about our daily activities in a different way. Applying the ‘Tina Filter’ helps me consider if there is a way to delight or steward our donors, to give them credit for our achievements, and to make them feel part of our success.”

  • Tina Cincotti, DevelopmentConsultant

Need help with something not included here? Get in touch! If I can’t help you, there’s a good chance I know someone who can.